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. >> let's rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our country. >> the u.s. goes under a fiscal cliff meaning massive cuts across the board. we will have much more on what the failed budget deal could mean for our area. >> latinos want to make immigration reform. -- a priority. >> an amazing 50% of registered latino voters voted in tuesday's election. two-thirds of them voting for the president. that is why so many gathered here at the white house to remind the administration of its promises. quex>> the >>chant means obama, make good on your promise. the message is clear for the president. >> this is an opportunity to solve the immigration once and for all. >> veronica is living here and worked tirelessly for the passage of the maryland dream which allows access to college financial aid. she is at the white house with her grandmother and sister >> my sister was born here and is that difference that we want to stay together. >> president obama received 17% of the vote. that was the difference in a tight presidential race. >> they will not let the obama administrati
to pay billions of dollars in fines and penalties. >> the largest total criminal resolution in u.s. history. they still have a devastating the fishing industry, worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. >> they made a tragic situation worse. >> they were charged with because ofr negligence. a third employee was charged with making false statements to investigators about the slow rate of oil. the chairman says the company resolution.s they made it clear this is not the end. >> travelers hit a speed bump of computernks to a break at united airlines. passengers said their flights for two hours. this will be the third computer outage since june. stretch and3 mile the lane has been reopened. accident heading north bound, write lands are blocked. coming out of the district, arlington and on the we see the traffic on the city. back to you. >> george washington university has fallen off and nationalist of the best colleges in the country. >> twilight fans react to this series grande valley. >> the build where express lanes opening up this weekend. how much it will ultimately cost >> th
of mexico. 11 people were taken to the hospital. according to the u.s. coast guard, there was a fuel spill in the water. no word on what caused the explosion. >> it looks like a clear whether weekend, and more importantly the rain will stay away for the redskins home game against the eagles. doug hill has a check on the forecast. >> lots of sunshine during the day. we will get pretty chilly. let's look at a couple of scenes outside. we will show you the rooftop. clear skies. we will notice a drop pretty quickly over the next couple of our. in the district, we are at 51 degrees with a high of 54. 53 in fredericksburg. 49 degrees in the nation's capitol. 52 in manassas. we will keep the clear skies. the wind will diminish a little bit. then as we head overnights coming into the early-morning hours tomorrow, clear and crisp. outlying areas about 38 degrees. 30 degrees in the city. we will have changes to talk about in the weather and look straight ahead to thanksgiving coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right. you got it. two calls at the same house, but it was not until one person died
will be back on some time tonight. >> moref the damage in the northeastern u.s.. many communities are still waiting for the flood waters to go down. people in new york city are heading back to work. there are long lines waiting for buses because of the crippled transportation system. we have more on that from the satellite center. >> one estimate has damage from the super star running as high as $50 billion. that could make sandy the second costliest storm. there are some areas waiting for help to arrive. three days later, the death toll continues to decline. the national guard rules and to an area where 20,000 are standard. >> we do not have that much food. >> further south natural gas leaks from destroyed homes. crews have not been able to get here to turn off the gas. >> we never really expected this to be this bad. >> we're awed and humbled by nature's destructive power. we mourn the loss of so many people. our hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones. >> parts of new york city remained paralyzed. lines for buses seemed unending. traffic is worse as police and forced three
, the top commander of the u.s. forces in afghanistan, is under investigation for inappropriate communications with jill kellie. many people cannot understand why a personal affair would have such large ramifications in the military field. the military has a very strict code of conduct. if the allegations are true, to the highest-ranking military officials could be in serious trouble. >> most cases of adultery -- because these two men are so powerful, there cases could wind up in court. they were at lunchtime to the most powerful military leaders in america. -- they were at a one time two of the most powerful military leaders in america. >> i do not understand what the big brouhaha is about it. why does it matter? >> many americans do not understand how one of their can have such serious consequences for the former cia director and the man who succeeded petraeus as head of the military campaign in afghanistan. petraeus can still face military justice. >> the expect military members to hold such values. >> lisa winters explains why sexual misconduct is so serious. >> not only th
,00070,000 were sold in the u.s. >> that is mark kelly reading his new book to kindergarteners. >> we have a crisis in education. we're falling behind in all these areas especially science and math and this will inspire kids not only to read but maybe get them interested in science and math. >> kelley is working on a sequel that expects to hit the shelf next year. >> it is chilly but we had some sunshine. >> another cold start in the morning. we're getting up to about 50. we're staying below average. it will warm up again one day. not soon enough for me but it will warm up. take a look. this is beautiful middleton valley. their image was no longer available. let's take a check on that. we have 42 in centreville. a -45. these battery is much lower than average. the average time is 59. 39 in gaithersburg. down to 41 in martinsburg and hagerstown. your east of these cold temperatures. 46 ion fredericksburg. we will continue to hang on to high pressure. you can trace the cold air back to this area. this is putting up to the northeast. we are within the range of this area of high pressure which
battleground for the nation's future. >> democrats are keeping control of the u.s. senate. president obama benefited from an 11-point gender gap with women. women have made significant gains, and that includes an all-women congressional delegation from new hampshire for the first time ever. >> we see a new crop of women who are more and more from the extremes of their parties than the women they are replacing. >> also retired republican moderate olympia snowe of maine. the senate has been in the hands of the democrat since 2006. >> we have more on what is changing and sustain the same in congress with our political -- and staying the same in congress with our political expert. what is your take on what happens in washington? >> i think that is a good question. on one hand, you have some who are coming in like elizabeth warren, someone who is considered to be a die-hard liberal taking the seat of our republican moderate. on the other hand, you have someone like claire mccaskill who is more of a traditional moderate. she had a serious challenge from republican candidate who completely went
and katie holmes split. >> it is an officially designated religion in the u.s., but for many, it is controversial. we go inside the search of scientology to find out more. in their chapel, they sign a pledge before across that is not christian to a founder who is not god. l. ron hubbard developed by netflix and saw -- developed dianetics and scientology in the 1950's. >> we are very open. anybody can come and talk to the church -- toward the church and talk to a sinologists. >> in lightning you more to make yourself better. >> it had answers that i needed. >> people study the works of l. ron hubbard. it is billed as a practical road map to self improvement happiness, and success. it is also unique. officials talked about auditing. they use something called an e- meter to identify a person's problem areas. >> think about something that this stressful for you. >> the idea is to then work through those issues. to critics, it goes beyond simply strange. >> it is a cold in the most extreme terms. -- a cult. >> he says it is just a pyramid scheme to happiness. >> there is a tremend
and choke on it. three incidents have been reported. the recall covers --sold in the u.s. and canada. let's see what is coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we are gearing up for a big night. >> the clock is ticking. if you live in virginia, have a little more than an hour. you have a couple of hours in d.c. and maryland. what the candidates are doing. as they wait for the vote count. scott talked with the present one on one. -- with the president one on one. we will see you at 6:00. >> let's get another check of our weather. it is about to change big time. >> we will not have the real impact this nor'easter in our area. duffel along the coast and the north. -- death valley along the coast and up north. a 39 definitely along the coast and up north. is gone to be a cold night. it is going to be blustery as we head through the day we will start to be on the western fringes of this developing nor'easter. it is an organization of rain developing. watch what happens. it will be cold, it will be a bigger impact than the precipitation. might take a break and the storm gets a little closer
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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